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I share my digital marketing passion in weekly articles on to help bring awareness, conversation, and traffic to businesses to help communities grow. Here I share practical tips and strategies that the non-technical person can follow and use in their own marketing efforts online.  You can view it […]

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Speaking at Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point

Bloggy Conference

Hello fellow BloggyCon-ers!   We covered so much information this weekend at Cedar Point during the Bloggy Conference around Social Media Trends and Tools! Below is a brief outline of what we covered along with the online tools I recommended. Be sure to leave a comment and note what tools helped […]

Here’s Why Mobile Devices are Powerful Tools for Online Marketing

Mobile devices are a huge part of our lives in the U.S. That’s a fact. When 67% of consumers are spending their time on mobile devices, it’s good to know how these devices are keeping the consumer connected, so you can leverage this knowledge to get in front of your […]

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new Twitter profile design

How Small Businesses Can Quickly Optimize the New Twitter Profile

With 261 million monthly active users on Twitter, you need to know how to take advantage of the new profile features to stand out to customers. The new Twitter profile design includes some pretty good stuff that gives you a chance to advertise your business while giving your content a […]

The Oscars Real Time Marketing Showcase

Marketing is advancing with social media – and I couldn’t even begin to describe the love I have for it! An on-the-fly or unplanned marketing event (in terms of copy and images) sounded like an oxymoron to many until recently. Acts of real time marketing are typically shown with major […]

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Integrating New Media into Conventional PR Campaigns–as told by Olympic Athletes

You’ve finally joined the social media bandwagon for your company? It’s about time! Integrating new media is no doubt an investment for your business and after seeing the positive results, I guarantee you’ll never turn back. This includes making your website interactive by using blogs, webcasts and podcasts, adding landing […]

See Social Media Success with These Four Principles

Over the past few years, I’ve counseled different organizations on effective social media strategy – including a Fortune 500 B2B company, a few nonprofits and currently Central Michigan University. Despite the many differences across these organizations, I’ve found a few things to be true across the board. Want to achieve […]

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